Openwood Reactive & Preventative

All doors and windows are subject wear and tear. To ensure that they continue to function as they should, regular service and maintenance is imperative.

Regular door maintenance helps prevent accidents, reduces breakdowns and the accompanying inconvenience and prolongs the life of all the components.

Openwood Surveys & Servicing

Openwood Maintenance can send our engineers to diagnose problems and potentially rectify in on one visit, whilst at the same time, give your door, window or facade a simple inspection to make sure that any future problems are taken care of before they become costly.

Our service engineers are put through rigorous testing each year to comply with all the systems we currently work with, this ensures a constant product knowledge and if there are any new issues to look out for.

Openwood On Site Spraying

Is your Door, Window, Façade looking tired?

Over time the original paintwork on the system will break down due to UV exposure and environmental debris, with our spraying team, we can offer a new lease of life to your system, with a guarantee up to 15 years!

This is the most cost effective solution for refurbishments across our industry, and each application is bespoke to the client.

Openwood Door Automation & Access Control

Our access control team offer a wide range of door automation from the likes of Dorma, Geze, Tormax and many more.

Each installation is packaged to the clients individual requirements, whether its passive infrared sensors or key card operation.

All works come complete with maintenance and operation manuals for the client, we can also offer an annual service options for yearly maintenance, to ensure working order throughout the year.

Openwood Replacement Glazing

As you may, or may not know, double/triple glazed units are subject to failures, whether its age related, or inherent issues, at Openwood Maintenance we are proud to offer replacement glazing across all sectors of our industry sourcing from all across the UK and if required, even from the continent.

We pride ourself on being able to source the closest match as possible to the existing unit ensuring the client is pleased with the outcome.

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